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Initial vaccination is two injections at 2 week intervals. Puppy vaccination can start at 6-8 weeks of age with another injection at 10 weeks allowing the pup to safely go out 1 week after the last injection.


Rabies vaccination is given to those animals which are going to travel abroad.


Kennel cough vaccination is a little different since the vaccine is a liquid which is applied to the nostrils, many kennels require this vaccination. Kennel cough, a nasty whooping type cough, is not just confined to kenneled dogs. It is in fact probably the most common infectious disease we see at Abbeydale Vets; because of this we recommend it for all dogs, not just ones which may go into kennels. If you have kennel cough vaccination combined with the initial vaccinations we offer it at a discounted rate.




Dogs are routinely vaccinated against distemper, parvovirus, adenovirus, parainfluenza and leptospirosis.




Cats are vaccinated against feline enteritis, two types of cat flu, and often against leukaemia.

Vaccination involves 2 injections at a 3 week interval starting from 9 weeks of age.




The new vaccine that Abbeydale vets use provides protection against both Myxomatosis and viral haemorraghic disease in one injection which now just requires one yearly injection.